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Monday, May 12, 2008

SMS Terrorist Get Caught!

After a Rumor about AXIS spread (Read My Previous Post), today the troublemaker has been caught! She was a teenager from Riau. She said that she only wants to trick her friend in another Town. So, Santet SMS is nonsense at all!! If you get it, please not to send / spread it! (From : Seputar Indonesia)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Time Travel

Do you ever heard about "Time Travel"? It can lead us to the past and the future. But nobody know how to create it until now. But some people have their way to reveal Time Travel mystery with a clue from Albert Einstein theory. Click Here to see the video.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


AXIS is a new GSM operator in Indonesia. Their product are unique because they contained a lot of number "6". Triple 6 (666) known as evil numbers. When they launched their products, suddenly a rumor spread that some of AXIS user died. They died because they received a call. They receive call at 00.00 a.m. and they heard a woman's cry. This rumor spread through SMS from people to people. The rumor said that AXIS have a relation with SIX-A and it tell us not to buy or try it. Is this a strategy to kill AXIS? Who knows?
For further information about AXIS, visit : AXIS Homepage

Don't believe such rumor so easily

Ring In Red

There're so many issue about dead punishment with a black magic through a handphone lately. The Person who get a call suddenly fall to the ground and die. Some said that all of this have been happening in many countries.

The Truth :

It's possible to kill someone from handphone. Have you heard about "Ring In Red"? What i mean isn't a red coloured ring. It's a phenomena that caused by infrared radiation. Slowly, this radiation can make us get ill (like cancer). A huge radiation can make us dead for sure in no time.
The suspect send a huge infrared to the victim's handphone with a call. If the victim answer the call, he/she will be dead at the moment.

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